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Transfer Your Non-Profit Domain

Previously we talked about how to make sure you own your non-profit domain name.  Now that your name is on your domain you need to make sure it stays that way.  By transferring the domain into your own account, you will be able to control who can update the information as well as ensure the bills are paid and you don’t lose ownership of the domain.

Pick Your Registrar

Registrars are the companies that sell domain names and keep the records of all the owners of websites on the internet.  To transfer your domain to you, you will need to choose a registrar you want to work with.   Some of the most popular registrars on the internet are:

Personally, I recommend  While most registrars offer the same services, I have the most experience with GoDaddy, and I have never had an issue.  They offer a good set of services, competitive pricing, and decent Domain Name services are included.

Transfer Your Domain

The following steps outline how to transfer your domain to  Transferring a domain to another registrar will follow the same basic steps.

Step 1 – Ensure you know who the administrative contact is for your domain.  They will receive instructions, and authorization codes during the transfer process.  See the post on how take ownership of your non-profit domain.

Step 2 – Unlock your domain.  Most registrars allow you to lock your domain to prevent accidental or unauthorized domain transfer.  The person who currently controls your domain can do this for you.

Step 3 – Get an authorization code (sometimes called a transfer code or EEP code).  Depending on who the domain name is listed with, this code will be displayed in the existing holder’s account, or it will be emailed to the listed administrative contact.

Step 4 – Buy the domain transfer. Click over to the website and purchase a Domain Name Transfer. When you transfer a domain, you generally have to purchase at least 1 year of name registration.  At the time of writing, the cost for .org domain name transfers are $7.49.

Note: When transferring your domain, you will be asked about transferring name servers.  If you have an existing website you would like to keep functional during the transfer process, then choose “Keep the existing nameservers“.

Step 5 – Authorize the transfer.  You will need the EPP code from Step #3, and the Transaction ID and Security Code that has been emailed to the administrative contact listed on the domain name.

a.) Login to your New account.  Note they hide the “My Account” link at the top of the screen.



b.)  Expand the Domains section and click the Transfers tab.



c.  Select Pending Transfers.

d.  Click Authorize transfer.

e.  Enter the Transaction ID and Security Code that was emailed to the administrative contact in Step 1 above.

f.  Enter the transfer or EPP code from Step 3 above.

g. Select “I authorize the transfer ..” and then “Finish

h. Click OK.

At this point it will take 5-7 days for the transfer to complete.  If you selected the option to keep the existing name servers your website will still be functional during and after the transfer; as long as the existing hosting provider did not turn them off after the name transfer.  When the transfer is complete, it makes sense to switch to using the GoDaddy nameservers so that you will have all your account information in one place.

As part of our non-profit hosting plans at, we can help you through the transfer process and will set up you nameservers correctly when the transfer is complete.