Non-Profit Hosting and Support


Transfer Your Non-Profit Domain

Previously we talked about how to make sure you own your non-profit domain name.  Now that your name is on your domain you need to make sure it stays that way.  By transferring the domain into your own account, you will be able to control who can update the information as well as ensure the bills are paid and you don’t lose ownership of the domain.

Pick Your Registrar

Registrars are the companies that sell domain names and keep the records of all the owners of websites on the internet.  To transfer your domain to you, you will need to choose a registrar you want to work with.   Some of the most popular registrars on the internet are:

Personally, I recommend  While most registrars offer the same services, I have the most experience with GoDaddy, and… Continue reading

Take Ownership of Your Non-Profit Domain

Flickr-4450734681One of the things we often see with organizations is that they don’t actually “own” their non-profit domain and website. Sure,  they upload the pictures, write the  articles and do all the things they should be doing to communicate their message,  however, they don’t actually own their website.  On the internet, the names of websites, (aka the domain name), is purchased and registered with one of many companies authorized to sell names.   When the purchase is made, the owner’s name is recorded as the “Registrant”.  This person is the ultimate owner of the domain name. Often,  with non-profit organizations, their website has been donated or purchased from friends or family and the owner is listed as someone who is not employed or affiliated with the non-profit organization any more.

If you do not actually own the name, then you… Continue reading