Non-Profit Hosting and Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Sign Up and Pricing

  1. How long will it take to get my template and website?
    • Once we have validated your non-profit status we will send you the free template.  Typically this is completed within 1 business day.
  2. Most hosting providers offer free hosting to non-profits, why does 1SmallClick charge a fee?
    • Many hosting providers provide discounted or free hosting to non-profit organizations, but at 1SmallClick we believe you get what you pay for.  With 1SmallClick, you get access to free templates, worry free upgrades and patching to the WordPress Software and offsite server backups.

WordPress hosting

  1. What do you mean by simplified WordPress Hosting?
    • At 1Smallclick we take care of all installation, patching, maintenance, installation and testing of plugins and templates.  Without these administrative overheads, you can focus on building your website and communicating your message.  This makes it simplified for you.
  2. Can I change the look of my site?
    • Yes.  The templates have standard layouts and menus, however, you can update colors, fonts, pictures, logos and of course content.
  3. Who can make changes to my site?
    • If you have other individuals you would like to allow editing privileges to, then after they signup, you can assign them administrator or editor privileges.
  4. Do I have to have a blog on my site?
    • No.  While most websites today do have a blog, you do not have to have a blog that you update on a regular basis.
  5. I want a different template, can I do this?
    • Yes, with some restrictions.  If you find a template you would like to us instead of ours, then let us know.  It most cases this will not be problem.  In cases where custom aditional plugins would be required, then we will evaluate those on a case by case basis,
  6. I want/need an additional Plugin, is this available?
    • We have limited the selection of available plugins by design.  If there is specific plugin you ar elooking for let us know.  Once we are comfortable it will not introduce any performance or security issues, we will enable it.

Google Apps for NonProfit?

  1. Isn’t Google Apps for Nonprofit free?  Why are you charging for it?
    • Yes, Google Apps for Nonprofits is free to registered 501c(3) organizations.  However, we have found that many organizations want or need assistance with the technical setup and ongoing administration.  This administration of the service we are offering for a fee.  The service from Google has no cost.
  2. Couldn’t I do this myself?
    • Yes.  However, some organizations do not have the technical backgrounds to required to setup and maintain the configuration.  Rather than risk having emails lost or delayed they use our service.