Non-Profit Hosting and Support

Our Services

At we provide low cost WordPress hosting and email administration for Non-Profit organizations.  We have built a simplified WordPress hosting environment which allows non-profit organzations to launch their websites quickly and without the need to hire expensive web designers and professionals.   In addition, we have experience setting up and maintaining email for non-profit organzations utilizing Google Apps for Nonprofit services.   The combination of WordPress hosting and Google email will allow your organization to run on today’s leading technology with minimal setup cost and effort.

WordPress Hosting

The WordPress platform is utilized by millions of websites everyday to build dynamic and engaging websites for businesses and organizations of all sizes.  The flexibilty of WordPress is it’s most powerful feature, and makes it useful for any organzation to build their online presence.  At 1SmallClick when you start with one of our preconfigured templates, we have done the initial install, configuration, patching and security setup so that you can focus on getting your message out,  without requiring a staff of IT professiosnals.  This is where 1SmallClick brings value to your organization.  Let us host your WordPress website and eliminate the complexity of getting started.

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Google Apps for Nonprofit

Goole Apps for Nonprofit is a free service provided Google and one of the key services offered is email.  While many hosting companies will offer 5, 10 or even unlimited email addresses, what they don’t guarantee is that your email is secure, safe and actually delivered to your recipients inbox.  Our experience shows that the most effective way to send email is to let Google do it for you.  At 1SmallClick, we provide the administration support required to migrate your email to Google Apps and keep it running without having to hire an IT staff.

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WordPress Templates

One of the most difficult and time consuming tasks in building a website is to design and build the core menu and layout, also called the template.  At 1SmallClick our goal is to build a number of templates that can easily be used by non-profit organizations to get their website running quickly.  Our initail template is built specifically for Habitat for Humanity affiliate organizations, and is available free to any Habitat organization; even if you choose to host with someone else.

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Outstanding Support

There are many cheaper and even free non-profit hosting providers available today.  However, most of these providers provide a login id and leave it up to you to get everything running and configured.  This is where 1SmallClick is different.  We are commited to supporting non-profit organzations.  We take care of installation and configuration of the WordPress software and load one of our customzed templates.  From there we ensure the security patches are in place, nightly offiste backups are performed and we are committed to supporting your organization.

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