Non-Profit Hosting and Support

Back End Support

At we take the maintenance of your website seriously.  Every day many websites experience outages and failures due to lack of routine maintenance.  Just like a car needs regular oil changes and maintenance, so does your website.  Included with all hosting services are the following.

Redundant Hardware

Our services are run on Amazon Web Services.  Your website will run on equipment that is backed by redundant  servers and disk drives located in a world a world calss data center.  The facilities provided by Amazon, and used by us, provide reatime monitoring, and 24×7 hardware support.  These are the same services that power some of the worlds largest websites.

System Backups

Having redundant hardware behind your website is not enough to ensure full recovery of your website in the event of a failure.  Each night we perform a backup of all content, files, images and configuration used to run the sites.  These backups are then replicated to our home office in Texas as well as to a tertiary offsite storage using Microsoft’s Skydrive services.  

Patching and Upgrades

To ensure your website is not vulnerable to potential bugs in the WordPress software used to host your site, we will regularily apply security patches and upgrades to all underlying software used.  This will include operating systems, web servers, databases and more.   In most cases, these updates will be seamless to you and will have little to no down time.  In all cases we will notify you of any upcoming maintenance the is scheduled to be performed.

WordPress Support

The WordPress environment is designed to be customizable and easy to use.  However, from time to time you may have questions on how to make changes to your website.  While we don’t claim to know all the answers, we will work with you to ensure your website works correctly and displays the message you want to deliver.  For any questions about your website, please contact us so that we can work with you to configure your website.

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