Non-Profit Hosting and Support

Google Apps for Nonprofit

Get access to a suite of products that will help your share and communicate both within and outside your organization.  Google Apps for Nonprofit is free to all US based, registered 501c(3) organziations.

While most hosting providers offer email services, at we have decided not to provide email hosting services to our customers.  To have email services, and do them right, requires significant resources, and the cost of these resource would need to passed on to our customers.  Instead, we recommend all non-profit organizations take advantage of Google Apps for Nonprofit.  We can do this for you, or you can manage the service yourself.  Either way, the only email service you should be using is the free Google Apps for Nonprofit.

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Our added value

At 1SmallClick, we have years of experience setting up and maintaing the Google Apps for Nonprofit products.  Sure you can do this yourself, but if you are not comfortable or familiar with DNS, CNames, MX records and more, then let us manage your account.

The services we will provide include the following.

  • Setup and maintenance of DNS and MX records to ensure mail delivery
  • Administer email accounts
  • Setup Calendars including sharing and privacy settings
  • Setup contacts
  • Create custom web addresses for easy access to  web based email and calendars

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