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WordPress Hosting

At 1SmallClick we have designed a simplified hosting environment ideal for organizations that need a website up and running quickly.  By utilizing our hosting services, non-profit organizations do not need to have the skills or knowledge related to installation and upgrade of the WordPress platform.  We provide an isolated WordPress environment for you to focus your message.

More Productive

If you are familiar with C-Panel, SSH, SSL, HTTPd,  A-Records or any of the other technologies and jargon required to run and maintain a standard WordPress installation, then perhaps hosting isn’t for you and your organization.  However if you are more interested in communicating with your organization’s supporters and helping those you serve, then 1SmallClick is the right choice for you to get your website running quickly.

Our simplified WordPress environment comes preconfigured for you to get started right away, delivering your message without having to worry about the technical details of getting the software installed correctly and securely.  Some of the key features our WordPress environment contains are as follows.

  1. Preinstalled WordPress Environment - We have done all the install and setup required to get your WordPress Site installed.
  2. Pre-Installed Templates - We have developed WordPress templates that can get you going right away.  No more working withan  expensive website designer to ensure you follow the correct branding and color guidelines.  Our templates have been built from the ground up to ensure you are following design guidelines effectively.
  3. Predefined pages -  Many WordPress templates include the layout and design you are looking for but do not include the additional shell content required to get going.  All of our templates include fully populated menus and start pages to get yourgoing.  Just upload your logo, contact information and a few relevant details and your website is up and running.

Fully Customizable

We designed our templates to be useable by most non-profits, however, we understand everyone has their own needs and desires for their online image.  With WordPress all colors, fonts, menus, content and more are fully customizable by you.  Want to add or remove a menu? No problem.  Want to change the logo? No problem.  Want to change the color? No Problem.  Want a completely different template?  No Problem.  Just let us know and we will upload it for you.

At 1SmallClick, we want to help you deliver your message.  If you want to change or do something differrent with your website, let us know and we will work with you to make it happen.

Available Plugins

One of the great things about WordPress is the plethora of available free plugins for expanding and customizing your website.  However, with most things available on the internet there is a measure of risk both in terms of security and poor performance.  At 1SmallClick we have chosen to limit the number of available plugins you can use.  This is done to ensure your privacy and protection and to ensure your website performs optimally.  By default the list of available plugins we provide are listed below.  

  1. Jetpack by – This Plugin provides awesome features to all WordPress installs that previously were only available to those who hosted directly with  Today these features are available to everyone.  For a complete list of these features visit
  2. WordPress SEO – Developed by Joost de Valk, this plugin is the most complete search engine optimization (SEO) plugin that exists today.  Take control of your titles, meta tags, and more to ensure the internet search engines accurately display your website in their search results.  For a complete list of features list visit
  3. Contact Form 7 – Labeled as “Just another contact form”, this plugin is a simple and versatile contact form to allow your visitors to get in touch with you.  Visit their website to learn more about Contact Form 7.

If there is something else you want to use, let us know and we will evaluate it or provide an alternative that we feel will provide better performance or security.

Social Network Integration

Today your online presence is more than just a webpage.  Most non-profit organizations have Facebook and Twitter acounts.  With WordPress you can connect your site to popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, tumblr. and Yahoo and more.  Connecting to these services is easy and a great way to spread your message beyond your webpage.

Managed Service

At you are getting more than a typical WordPress installation that you have to maintain.  With our managed service, we have carefully selected plugins that work and will not cause conflicts with your site.  We provide proactive patches and upgrades to keep you safe from security risks.  In addition, working with providers such as Amazon Web Services, we offer fully hardware and backups designed to protect you from unexpected hardware failures.  

Get Started

While none of these services may be unique to just 1SmallClick, we believe our careful selection of plugins and ongoing support of your WordPress installation make us suited to be your hosting provider.  

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